VMware products store various BIOS and other important data files using resources on Windows and in extra sections on other platforms. With the arrival or Workstation 10 and Fusion 4, these resources can now be easily extracted from the command line using the vmware-vmx executable, which is responsible for actually running the guest.

Here are the options:

The “-e” flag specifies which named resource to extract from the executable. As of writing the current the list of resources that can be extracted are:

ahcibiosSATA Option ROM
bios440Legacy Phoenix BIOS ROM
e1000biosIntel E1000 Option ROM
e1000ebiosIntel E1000E Option ROM
efi32EFI 32-bit BIOS ROM
efi64EFI 64-bit BIOS ROM
lsibiosLSILogic Option ROM
nbiosAMD Am79C970A Option ROM
nvramDefault BIOS NVRAM settings
nx3biosVMXNet3 Option ROM
nxbiosVMXNet Option ROM
pvscsibiosParavirtual SCSI Option ROM
sas1068biosSAS 1065 Option ROM
sbiosSCSI Option ROM
vbiosVideo Option ROM
vmmmodsVMM Modules
vmmovhdsOVHDS VProbe scheme file

Here is a BASH script for OS X to extract all the files.


Extract BIOS from VMware