I have been involved with software development, design and management for over 25 years. Currently I am working at SAP as the Development Manager for the Profitability and Cost Management product.

My primary interest in technology outside of work is virtualization, and have been using VMware products since version 1.0 back in 1999. I helped launch VMware ACE and Server, and was one of the judges of the VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance competition a few years ago. In addition, I have spent many years working on OS X and am currently learning the internals of iOS.

Originally a scientist with a degree in Biochemistry, I have keep an active interest in many areas of science from the quantum world to cosmology, and a particular interest in DNA based computing. As for fun I have RFU Rugby coaching qualifications and enjoy photography.

Where did the web site name come from? The answer can be found in this cartoon from Dilbert and summarises the daily battles fun I have at work.